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Under this section we hope to include lists of useful learning and educational resources, it will be a bit bland for now as this section is just starting, here you will find resources from art to engineering and music.


If you want to add a useful section we will provide a facility to do this later but every site will be checked out for “actual usefulness” and that it is a good resource to offer! We are not interested in sites selling anything so please do not ask, most of the sites listed here will be public and factual resources.


WikipediA  A collaboratively built free encyclopaedia that is so immense it is impossible to list all the topics covered here and is known as a good starting point for most knowledge on the internet, some of the information on this site should be checked against other sites and confirmed by other resources before you take everything that this site has to say “as fact”, the reason for this is it is a publicly updated resource and although there are a lot of scientists and educators that update this resource it is subject to abuse! The owners regulate it well and the information is good but always double check the facts!


Family Ancestry  Another great site for general history on our past, the family ancestry was built and is regulated by a group of people interested in the history of our ancestors, from the Prehistoric and Neolithic periods up to the modern day, this resource is useful as another point of view, there are several useful facts and figures and there are also sections for Genealogy and a names database, if your project concerns history then there is some very useful reference material here.




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